Sunday, January 29, 2012

FRACKING INDUSTRIES GAVE $7,175,234 to PA candidates and PACs

“Pennsylvania is one of only eleven states that do not limit the amount of money that individuals can give to candidates. Meanwhile, our state’s online campaign contribution database is so antiquated and inaccessible that it’s difficult for average citizens to know who is influencing their politicians. It’s a long-term problem with particularly serious consequences today.

The natural gas industry gave $7,175,234 to Pennsylvania candidates and Political Action Committees (PACs) from 2000 through the end of 2010, according to a Common Cause/Pennsylvania (CCPA) analysis released today.  $3,442,212 was donated to elected officials currently in office. 

The top recipient remains Governor Tom Corbett, with a total $1,634,096 in contributions from the natural gas industry. Corbett raised $1,083,315 of that total in 2009-2010 from 216 donations.  He is followed by Senate President Pro Tempore Joseph Scarnati, with $293,333.

Giving by the industry doubled from the 2008 election cycle ($1,004,757) to the 2010 election cycle ($2,608,187)."
“When asked to put in place a temporary moratorium on drilling in public lands until a full study of the impact could be made, those who voted “no” had accepted an average of three times as much cash from gas interests than those who supported that reasonable measure.”
Natural Gas Donations Predict Marcellus Tax Votes
An analysis of the House of Representatives vote on SB 1155 by
Chester County State Senators 
Grand total of $71,000.00 from Gas companies to Republican PA Senators in Chester County from gas drilling companies. 
Grand total of $500.00 from gas companies to Chester County's only Democrat, Senator Andy Dinniman 

The tables below are from go to;  Use the “FIND A CANDIDATE” widget on the right side for more PA Senate and House members:

The total contribution to Chester County’s only Democratic State Senator Andy Dinniman, is $500 from the UGI PAC on June 12, 2007
$48,250.00 to Senator Pileggi
$4,600.00 to Senator Rafferty
$5,400.00 to Senator Erikson
$6,200.00 to Senator Brubaker
$6,900.00 to Senator Folmer
TOTAL $71,000.00 

Friday, January 27, 2012

State of the Art Green Buildings are in Philly, Why not Coatesville Too?

Sustainable living state of the art energy saving and stormwater control, especially green roof technology, could easily be adapted to Coatesville. It’s not rocket science and it’s more economically feasible than the wasteful old standard kind of building we usually do here. Sustainable living is not just about building materials its things like a walking community where most of what you need is a 10 minute walk away.

I think the reason energy saving and stormwater recharge building techniques are not used is purely because builders, engineers and architects are stuck in their old habits and don’t want to bother to learn new techniques and the reasons for them. If they want work and want to make a profit they need to get on the ball and learn up to date building techniques.

Back when I was on the City of Coatesville Planning Commission the engineers showed us their stormwater controls but it was clear to me they didn’t have a clue to why we need stormwater controls. The called me “The Stormwater Expert” They are supposed to be the stormwater experts for #@!!% . 

Building Green: A Success Story in Philadelphia

This is the duplex development in Northern Liberties in Philadelphia that is examined in the video.

Bernie Sanders proposes to ax fossil-fuel subsidies and add 10 million sun-powered rooftops

Bernie Sanders proposes to ax fossil-fuel subsidies and add 10 million sun-powered rooftops