Sunday, January 26, 2014

Keeping exact locations of wild areas secret.

This video is about secrecy and landscape photography. 

I have a professional fly fisherman friend. He makes photographs of fly fishing and makes educational videos of fly fishing and presentations at fishing shows and Trout Unlimited meetings. 

He puts a lot of effort into finding good fishing spots. 

We are having some really cold weather in southeast Pennsylvania with high temperatures of 15 degrees. In weather like this Don is out walking along small streams looking for places to fish during the warmer days of summer. He is looking for thin spots or open spaces in the ice that indicate the location of underwater groundwater springs.

He’s a friend but he allows me to go fishing with him because he knows I don’t take any trout. Bluegills and perch (delicious bluegills and perch, but not trout. If someone asks where I was fishing, I say “In the Poconos”. 

When I photograph an eagle. I might give a broad nonspecific area of where it was. 

Once an outdoor writer photographed a nesting great horned owl and gave it’s location along the Little Lehigh Creek. The day after the article was published the owl and the nest was gone. 

When going of the beaten track to make a landscape photo Ben Horne uses the same rational to hide the exact location. If not the area may be a beaten tract.