Saturday, August 2, 2014

Corbett is cheating on Pennsylvania with his methane mistress.

That’s a campaign issue in Marcellus Shale areas of PA.
It’s also a campaign issue in our area.  New gas natural gas pipelines and oil pipelines refitted as pressurized gas propane and ethane pipelines are proposed by gas companies and are being fought by Chester County communities. 
Some pipelines are to transport PA fracked natural gas to be exported to China and India on liquefied gas tankers docked at the Dominion Cove Point LNG export facility under construction near Baltimore. 
Gas companies are not saying why they are so very keen on getting their domestic gas to U.S. ports and on liquid natural gas tankers to sell their gas internationally.  They can sell gas internationally for 5 to 6 times present day prices and jump up heating and electric generation prices in Pennsylvania.

It's easy to see why a propane and ethane pipeline is a problem for Chester County residents. 

 Explosions of LNG pipelines are horrific.
Corbett removed also municipalities ability to zone for fracking wells.  That made it nearly impossible for townships to oppose gas frackers. The PA Supreme Court overturned portions of “Corbett’s give Pennsylvania land to fracking companies law”:
“In December 2013, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court tossed out controversial portions of the state’s oil and gas law changes, letting municipalities retain control over where and when to allow gasdrilling (fracking) in their jurisdictions.”

The after the election surprise package for Pennsylvania residents
Natural gas sells in China, India and Europe at 5 to 6 times what it sells for in PA.  When the LNG tankers leave U.S. ports for China, India and Europe, PA fracked natural gas will jump to international commodity prices.  It will cost 5 times as more to heat your home with gas.